I think the thing that really sets PEN apart from other college application and standardized testing programs is Barbara’s personal dedication and availability. Her guidance extends even outside of formal education sessions. I can’t count how many times I’ve Skyped, texted, or called her late at night. Whenever I need her help the most, Barbara always seems to be there to lend a hand. For me, that has made all the difference.
— Felix S. (UC Berkeley) Plainsboro, NJ
“Having Barbara was such a pleasant and successful experience that not only did I use her for one of my children, I used her for the next child as well!
Barbara drastically improved their writing, reading and grammar skills. All of this transferred over to my son’s English placement. He went from the normal English tract to AP English and did beautifully! She wasn’t only their SAT/ACT tutors, she also became their mentor for the entire college application process.
Barbara was and still is a true friend to my kids. Her serious yet light style of teaching always made for a welcome session. I would frequently hear laughter during their time together. My daughter was so excited to tell Barbara her scores, that she completely forgot what time it was and woke Barbara up at 2am.

Without a doubt, any child would be blessed to have Barbara as their tutor!”
— Sylvia Stark
PEN was the only SAT class I’ve taken and it was the only one I’ve ever needed. Barbara taught me both grammar and reading, and I’m still using the tricks I’ve learned from her two years later. What made her so effective was how well she knew each student; the advice she gave always suited me perfectly. Thanks to her, I only had to take the SAT’s once before I was satisfied.
— Bolong Xu (Brown University) Princeton Junction, NJ
It is a relief to finally have a test preparation company take a positive and uplifting view towards the SAT. PEN goes against the trend in “test-bashing,” and as parents who care about the academic integrity of a program, we appreciate that.
— J. Lee, Princeton, NJ
I thought that SAGE was a very helpful course. Although I had to wake up before twelve, this course has definitely improved my English skills for the PSAT/SAT tests. If I were to recommend any course for PSAT/SAT, it would be this one.
— Jon W. West Windsor, NJ
I enjoyed the class tremendously! I learned a lot from the grammar section, especially with improving sentence errors. I loved how you utilize real ETS and College Board material. None of my friends in other courses are doing that. I loved the narrative writing project! Your feedback was great! Thanks!
— Liz Q. West Windsor, NJ
Just wanted to let you know that I heard from Cornell finally. And...I got in! I am very excited, and I once again wanted to thank you for all your help with my SATs and SAT IIs, I could not have done it without you!
— Hillary W. Newtown, PA
Hi Mrs. K! Wow, its definitely been a while! I applied to Washington University in St. Louis early and guess what? I GOT IN! It was REALLY exciting! I retook my SAT in June 04 and got a 670V /700M. I then took my last SAT test in October 04, Math IIC and got an 800. I hope you continue your super SAT tutoring!
— James W. West Windsor, NJ
GOOD NEWS: I’M GOING TO MUHLENBERG! WOOHOO! It all paid off—and I owe you a cake! The person I interviewed with called me last Wednesday right after they made their decision to tell me the good news. I’m so happy! Thank you for everything, I could not have done it without my wonderful tutor! How is everything there? Talk to you soon!
— Lori K. Plainsboro, NJ