OUR TAKE ON: The State of Education

As schools are being held uniformly accountable for their students' performance, the importance of professional development that focuses on the quality of education, values the critical role of the teacher, and has a lasting effect on a school, is paramount. The race to improve schools has unfortunately, in many cases, fallen prey to the following problems:

  • The nationwide pressure on test scores has spawned companies that have taken a quick-fix, "teach-to-the-test" approach that focuses more on scores than on the quality of education.
  • Schools are often forced to adopt education models that do not necessarily focus on teacher improvement but rather require a complete revamping of their curriculum.
  • The outsourcing of student tutoring and test preparation programs comes at a tremendous cost to a district and not only takes money away from what can be done to help teachers but, more importantly, this approach has no lasting benefit to the school.

At PEN we recognize and value teachers' commitment to improve student performance.

  • We use innovative teaching methods that help teachers highlight the skills and concepts in their curriculum that are being tested on standardized exams.
  • Tests become an extension of what is already being taught in the classroom, not an obstacle to be overcome.
  • We work with your teachers within your curriculum to create change, improving upon the foundation that is already in place.